2020 Ketone Supplement Guide - What Are the Best Ketone Supplements?

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2020 Ketone Supplement Guide

Pruvit NAT Review

Pruvit has launched some pretty unique products in the past year. One of them is Keto//OS NAT which they "claim" that its ketone salts are created through a "fermented process".

Now I have spoked to a lot of companies that import and distribute BHB salts and NONE of them are familiar with "fermented BHB salts".

BHB/Serving: Unknown (Proprietary Blend)
Price/Serving: $5.33
Official Site: PruvitNow.com

In fact, I heard that they might have been tested to see if any live cultures existed. If these were fermented then live cultures would show up during an analysis. They found that NAT contained no live cultures. So, for me, the hunt for these elusive "fermented ketones" continues.

Apart from that this keto supplement contains an unspecified dosage of R-BBHB aka D-BHB. This is the bioidentical form of BHB, which are the same form that are NATurally produced by the body. These are the "new generation" of BHB that are being used in the top-rated ketone supplements this year. In fact it is used in Ketond Advanced Blend, which is this year's #1 rated keto supplement.

How Does Pruvit NAT Compare to Other Keto Supplements?

Keto NAT by Pruvit is one of the only brands that uses something R-BHB. Pruvit calls it BHB Max or something, but it is the same, naturally occuring form of BHB called D-BHB (aka R-BHB). Pruvit products contain a proprietary blend containing R-BHB (which is the same thing as D-BHB). As of right now there is only one other supplement that contains D-BHB, Ketond BioMAX. BioMAX is 100% transparent and disclose that they use 11,700mg of D-BHB per serving. This is a HUGE serving of D-BHB!

Though Pruvit's products are in a "Proprietary Blend" we just received a third-party lab analysis that shows how much D-BHB they contain. We have "borrowed" this graph from Ketond.com showing how these D-BHB supplements compare.


Until recently, we really didn't know for sure how much is in each serving. Using "proprietary blends" in supplements and failing to disclose the actual amounts of ingredients in supplements is an old school way of doing things. Not very many companies do that these days. Customers are smart and providing 100% full disclosure on ingredients has been the "new norm" for the last few years.

How Much Does Pruvit NAT Cost Compared to Competitors?

Comparing the costs of Keto NAT to competitors is pretty easy. Both Ketōnd BioMAX and Pruvit products come in 20 Serving 'To Go' stick packs. The only exception is Ketond's original Advanced Ketone Blend which offers 30 servings in a bag or 30 servings in 'To Go' stick packs. As of the writing of this review, there are no other keto supplements that contain D-BHB, so these are really your only options.

What's great about all of these products is that they license the same patented ketone technology. The BHB all of these products is natural and biologically identical to the ketones produced in the human body. We "borrowed" another chart that shows an efficient cost breakdown of these products. Now, both companies frequently run specials and promotions, but we didn't take those into account. You will see in the chart below that You Will Pay 45% to 75% LESS for Ketōnd's Products When Compared to the Competition. That's a HUGE reason why Ketond ranked so highly this year.

Pruvit Keto OS Nat Lab Report

Pruvit Keto NAT Conclusion

What concerns us the most about Pruvit’s products is they are all “proprietary blends” and they are really expensive. You literally have NO idea how much ketones, or any of the other ingredients you are getting in each serving. Not only that but because of the Multi Level Marketing Model, these products are REALLY expensive. Twenty servings of Pruvit Keto NAT will set you back $130 / $6.50 per serving. If you are taking 2 servings per day, which Pruvit recommends for “optimal performance” a one month supply will cost you a whopping $390!!

The Top Rated Keto Supplements of 2020

#1 Ketōnd Advanced Blend - Maximum Dosage, Best Tasting & Best Value

BHB/Serving: 11,700mg
Price: Now $39.95 ~ LIMITED TIME
Official Site: Ketond.com
Available on Amazon.com

Ketōnd Advanced Blend - Voted the Industry's Best Ketone Supplement

Ketōnd has been pioneering and perfecting ketone supplement longer than most "keto" brands have been around. Year after year, Ketōnd Advanced Blend has never settled when it comes to creating the MOST EFFECTIVE, BEST TASTING, ALL NATURAL ketone supplements available. They have continued to improve their formula while holding true to their commitment to offer the cleanest, highest perfoming, best tasting ketone drink available at an unbeatable price.

This past year, Ketond spend 1000's of hours researching, testing and developing changes to their origing Advanced Ketone Blend. We were able to get some samples and not only did we see and feel better results, the taste was AMAZING! It's on a completely different level than any other ketone drink. Since each serving of Ketond is therapeutically dosed at 11.7g of BHB, there’s no need to swallow twenty underdosed keto pills. On top of that there are ZERO artificial ingredients or flavors and Ketond is committed to 100% ingredient transparency.

After testing and reviewing countless ketone supplement this year, no other product came close to Ketond Advanced Blend. In the areas of taste, results and value - Ketond was off the charts amazing! There has never been a better time that right now to start losing weight. Ketond provides you with a formula guaranteed to help you lose weight or you get your money back. And we just can’t find a better product… Otherwise, we’d put it here in the #1 spot!

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